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Hong Kong Hing Yip Development Ltd. is a watch straps manufacturer with office in Hong Kong, back up by a sizable manufacturing plant with around 250 workers, named Lap Hing Leather Products Manufacturing Ltd. located in Shantou, China.  Our production capacity can reach 300,000 straps a month.


Our management team and most of our staff, including the factory manager and the factory workers, have profound experience in the field as we are a spinoff from a well-established industry key player Hing Yip Watchstraps Manufacturing Ltd after the retirement of the company owner.


We have the expertise in producing a wide spectrum of genuine leather watch straps in different styles, ranging from the classical to the contemporary straps.  We source premium leather from countries like Italy, United States, etc.  Vegetable tanned leather and Vegan materials are up-and-coming, and we have reliable source of these materials which are certified.  Apart from leather straps, colourful silicone bands as well as the sportive nylon straps are also in our portfolio.    

Our watch straps, not only supplying to the watchmakers and customers in Hong Kong and China but also export to markets worldwide, including South East Asia, USA and Europe.

Apart from designing watch straps for our customers, customers are welcome to give us their own design and we produce them accordingly.

photo - plant1.jpg

Our production plant in Guangdong province, China

photo - plant2.jpg

We have a sizable factory capable of producing a wide varieties of watch straps

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